Links that were used on the Free Resources for ITRTs presentation at the ITRT Mini-Conference:


How Stuff Works:

Professional Development:

Internet Safety:

1. IMHO... ALL administrators and teachers should watch the PBS special "Growing Up Online"... the single most important video/TV show on the topic to date. Click on "watch the full program online"

2. A "quick glance" guide...

3. Curriculum Example (Rockingham County Draft... brand new!...we're proud of this)

4. The new research on online predators and internet safety instruction... IT HAS CHANGED! Link: document:

5. The Law regarding internet safety and Virginia. I'm sure they've gotten this, but it needs to be included along with the rubric for Superintendants from the DOE. Links: and the rubric

Joe Showker ITRT Rockingham County Schools Net Safety links: and finally: